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Knowledgeable Wichita Lawyers Handle Landlord-Tenant Issues

Kansas law firm advises on residential lease matters

Relations between landlords and tenants in Kansas are governed by detailed regulations. At Peggs Wheeler, LC in Wichita, our experienced attorneys represent both sides in disputes relating to evictions, property damage and alleged lease violations. We perform thorough evaluations of lease terms so that you have a full understanding of each party’s rights and obligations. If you’re considering entering into a lease agreement, our attorneys can draft and negotiate contracts on your behalf. For both landlords and tenants, we provide authoritative advice on all rental property matters.

Attorneys provide detailed counsel on eviction regulations

Removing someone from the property they occupy is a difficult task for everyone involved. Strict rules must be followed. Our firm explains the relevant laws relating to issues such as:

  • Constructive eviction — Landlords are not allowed to drive tenants out by intimidation or by restricting basic services such as heat and water. These measures can expose the landlord to compensatory and punitive liability.
  • Nonpayment of rent — When rent is unpaid on its due date, a landlord is authorized to start the eviction process by issuing a Notice to Quit. This gives the tenant three days to pay what’s owed or risk termination of the lease.
  • Other lease violations — If a landlord believes that a renter is violating another lease term, such as a prohibition on pets, they can serve a Notice of Material Noncompliance. This document details the alleged contract breach and allows a period of 14 days for the tenant to comply. If the tenant fails to cure the problem, the lease is terminated 30 days from the receipt of the letter.

Tight deadlines mean that every day matters during the eviction process. You should not delay in seeking legal counsel in these matters, and our firm offers a free initial consultation for all matters.

Litigating conflicts over conditions and the obligation to make repairs

Kansas landlords must honor the implied warranty of habitability regardless of the specific lease language. If livable premises are not maintained, a tenant has the legal right to demand repairs and, under the right circumstanes, to break the lease. Our firm can advise you how the legal standards apply to your situation and assert your rights in court if necessary.

Assisting clients with conflicts over alleged property damage

One of the most frequent sources of landlord-tenant friction involves disagreements over property damage. If you believe that your security deposit was withheld incorrectly or that a tenant of yours should compensate you for damage within your rental, our firm will guide you toward a fair resolution.

Contact a dedicated Kansas landlord-tenant lawyer for a free initial consultation

At Peggs Wheeler, LC, we have the skill and experience to handle all types of Kansas landlord-tenant issues, including contentious lease disputes. Please call 316-512-7853 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Wichita office.