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Wichita Business Litigation Lawyers Help Kansas Firms Thrive

Providing skilled representation for all types of commercial disputes

Business professionals and businesses in the Wichita area have relied on the attorneys of Peggs Wheeler, LC to handle their litigation issues before they escalate. We recognize that running a business enterprise is more than a full-time job and bottom-line concerns are paramount. That is why we strive not just to present the best legal case for you but also to evaluate your matter from a business owner’s perspective. When disputes occur, we work with you to resolve them so that your business will emerge in as strong a position as possible.

Professional counsel highly experienced in business tort cases

Our attorneys handle all types of litigation matters for Kansas companies. Frequent commercial tort claims include:

  • Tortious interference — Intentional misconduct by one party designed to interfere with the business relationship between two other entities may be a tort under Kansas law. Damages caused by the intruding party may be recoverable even if an exact value of the lost business is not entirely determined.
  • Corporate fraud — If damage results from a business using misrepresentation designed to induce particular action or inaction, a tort claim for fraud may be filed. Reliance on such false representation must, however, be reasonable under the circumstances.
  • Trade secret misappropriation — The misappropriation of proprietary business information is prohibited by the Kansas Uniform Trade Secrets Act. A business may be held liable if it should have been known that valuable information from another firm has been unlawfully acquired. This sometimes occurs when a former employee uses information from their former company to gain a business advantage for the former employee or a new employer.

Peggs Wheeler is dedicated to helping businesses meet their continuing legal needs. We do this by seeking prompt resolutions wherever possible so that we can be the first call you make the next time a problem arises.

Delivering detailed assistance for commercial real estate matters

For transactions and disputes relating to commercial real estate litigation, the attorneys at Peggs Wheeler, LC offer comprehensive advice based on their backgrounds in both law and banking. Whether you are a property owner or a business, we can give you a detailed evaluation of all transaction documents so that you can confidently enter into the relationship you are considering.  We can also negotiate your contemplated transactions and represent you effectively should any conflicts occur.

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