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Wichita Attorneys Prepare Wills to Control Property Distribution

Comprehensive estate planning to pass on what you’ve earned

People sometimes find it difficult to consider what will happen when they die. Though it can be emotional, leaving important decisions to state regulations is a far worse prospect. Peggs Wheeler, LC can walk you through the process of essential estate planning concerns such as guardianship of children and distribution of property and personal effects. You’ve worked too hard to build your estate over a lifetime to let others determine where it goes. Our attorneys provide compassionate advice to ensure that you retain control.

Professional advice on the legal aspects of transferring your assets

Our attorneys can simplify the process of drafting and executing a will for you. We will explain all of your options and the relevant aspects of Kansas law, including:

  • Wills and trusts — Our firm works closely with clients to establish effective wills and trusts as part of a comprehensive estate plan.
  • Alternatives — We can also advise on Transfer on Death Deeds and Payable on Death beneficiary designations, effective tools that help your estate to avoid probate.
  • Executor appointment — In the will, you name an executor who will have the legal duty to make sure that the terms of the will are followed. Peggs Wheeler can help if you have questions about who might be appropriate for this role; we also guide executors through the probate process.
  • Intestacy and escheat — Should you die without a will, the state apportions your property based on a statutory hierarchy of relatives at the time of your death. For instance, if you have a surviving spouse and children, half goes to the spouse and half is divided equally among the children. Should no relatives exist, everything you own becomes property of the State of Kansas under the principle of escheat.

Though the possibility of will disputes can never be eliminated completely, Peggs Wheeler prepares every will to be exceptionally clear in its terms and to satisfy every legal standard. We also advise clients on other estate planning instruments such as trusts, which transfer one’s assets during life. With trusts, your estate can avoid the probate process altogether, and there may also be beneficial tax consequences for your beneficiaries.

Assisting parents with the nomination of a guardian for minor children

The most important planning decision for parents of minor children is the nomination of a trusted guardian to raise their children in the event of the parents’ deaths. Though the appointment is a function of the court, great deference is given to the parents’ wishes. We will advise you on the factors reviewed by the court when a guardianship petition is filed, such as legal background and finances. This way, you can make a decision and execute a document that has the best chance of being honored if the need arises.

Living wills to direct medical decisions if you are incapacitated

Should you be unable at some point in your life to communicate your decisions regarding healthcare, you can save your family grief and expense by stating your preferences in a living will. This is a legal document specifying which treatments you want and don’t want if you’re incapacitated. We can also help you execute a durable power of attorney to appoint a trusted person to make health decisions for you rather than someone chosen by the court.

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