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The Duty of a Trustee to Provide an Accounting to Beneficiaries of a Family Trust

Inheritances can be complex matters, especially when they involve family trusts. These legal entities safeguard assets for beneficiaries, who are often designated family members. A trustee is a fiduciary named by the creator of the trust, known as the settlor. The trustee has a duty of loyalty and care to the beneficiaries that includes the […]

Common Disputes That Arise During the Probate Process

The death of a loved one is a difficult time, and the process of administering their estate can be equally challenging. It’s not uncommon for disputes to arise during probate. These disagreements can stem from various issues and can add significant complexity and time to the proceedings. Probate involves identifying and collecting assets, paying debts […]

Gray Divorce: Special Considerations for Couples Splitting Late in Life

Statistics show that couples are divorcing later in life. In fact, the divorce rate amongst older couples has tripled since the 1990s. This type of marriage dissolution between partners over the age of 50 has become known as gray divorce. While the dissolution process generally follows the same legal framework as any divorce, there are […]

Using Your Will to Nominate a Guardian of Your Minor Children

If you have minor children, you may be thinking about their future and considering who would be a good guardian for them. A guardian is a person or couple who will raise your children if you and the other parent die before they reach the age of 18. This is an extremely important decision, as […]

Simplified Probate Processes for Small Estates in Kansas

Probate is the formal process by which the property and assets of a deceased person are distributed to heirs and beneficiaries following death. The probate court opens the estate and appoints an administrator who may have been pre-designated by the decedent in the person’s will. The administrator inventories the assets, pays any legitimate debts and […]

How to Establish Paternity in Kansas

When a child is born out of wedlock in the State of Kansas, there is no presumption of paternity and the law does not automatically confer any support obligations on any man not married to the mother unless paternity is established. There are several ways in which paternity can be recognized under state law. A […]

Protecting Your Business Against Trade Secret Misappropriation

Trade secrets are an important aspect of doing business, allowing companies to keep essential information private and thereby to maintain a market advantage. As a type of intellectual property, trade secrets are legally protected from misappropriation. In Kansas, a trade secret owner whose rights have been infringed upon can sue for monetary damages as well […]

Recovering Damages for Tortious Interference With Your Business

In the course of doing business, fair competition is to be expected, but you may at some point encounter deliberate attempts to interfere with your contracts or business relationships. Intentional interference can inflict significant harm that may take years to repair. Fortunately, the law provides you with the ability to bring a tort action to […]

Dividing Retirement Assets in a Kansas Divorce

If you are married, the retirement savings you have worked long and hard to build are not yours alone. In a Kansas divorce, they are subject to being divided with your spouse through the process known as equitable distribution. Kansas law requires the division of property in a divorce to be fair but not necessarily […]

If You Have a Living Trust, Do You Still Need a Will?

Creating a living trust lets you designate who will share in your estate after you die, without the beneficiaries having to go through the court probate process. However, a living trust alone may leave some of your assets unaccounted for, which means that state intestacy law will control their distribution. A comprehensive estate plan can […]