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Wichita Probate Lawyers Enforce Final Instructions

Skilled counsel to manage and disperse assets promptly and properly

Peggs Wheeler, LC helps families administer estates from start to finish. We understand which items, such as life insurance and retirement benefits, are not subject to probate, and we will see that every piece of property is collected, managed and distributed according to the highest professional standards. When planning your estate, we can also advise you as to the devices that might allow your family to bypass the probate process completely. Whether settling your estate is a simple process or one that requires litigation, we do our utmost to make sure testamentary directives are followed.

Compassionate guidance through the probate process

Probate is the legal procedure by which one’s assets are collected and distributed as dictated by law and the terms of a person’s will. We can assist you at every step, including:

  • Notification of heirs — Our attorneys will identify all beneficiaries and work to locate even those who might be estranged. We will then keep them apprised until the process is complete.
  • Collection of property and income — Peggs Wheeler has the knowledge and background to find and secure assets such as lost bank accounts that might not be apparent even to the decedent’s closest relatives. As each item is located, we will transfer it into the estate.
  • Distribution of estate items — During probate, we will ensure that taxes and other required payments are made from the estate and disperse the property to the proper beneficiaries once everything is accounted for.

Peggs Wheeler takes special care to complete probate with the professionalism and decorum that each person deserves.

Experienced attorneys to help avoid and resolve will disputes           

Nobody wants the probate process to drag on, but conflicts do sometimes arise among beneficiaries and possibly other people who believe they were wrongly excluded. We recognize that the emotional pain from a loved one’s death is difficult enough. That’s why you deserve attorneys with compassion able to handle your legal needs with the utmost professionalism by providing:

  • Thorough communication — Even when an estate is being handled correctly, poor organization and communication can tie things up. We ensure that every beneficiary is notified in a clear manner of each transaction pertaining to the property in question. These communications will form a solid narrative that refutes any allegation of mismanagement.
  • Strong litigation counsel — In the event that court proceedings are necessary to adjudicate disputes, we will provide determined advocacy in pursuit of a favorable decision that reflects the decedent’s true intentions.

Our attorneys are committed to upholding an individual’s final instructions by whichever process works best.

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Peggs Wheeler, LC is a Kansas law firm assisting individuals and families with probate, estate planning and will disputes. We also represent clients in a wide range of civil litigation matters. Call 316-512-7853 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Wichita office.