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Wichita Law Firm Helps Clients Create Effective Wills and Trusts

Kansas estate planning attorneys provide knowledgeable assistance

Careful estate planning enables people to leave a generous legacy to the ones they love. At Peggs Wheeler, LC in Wichita, we help clients prepare and execute key documents such as wills and trusts so that their wishes will be honored. Our attorneys deliver comprehensive advice on federal and Kansas laws so that maximum value is passed on to your heirs rather than wasted on unnecessary taxes or probate complications. Though people sometimes feel uneasy about making these plans, our lawyers offer clear, compassionate guidance throughout the process so you emerge with peace of mind, knowing you have fulfilled your responsibility to your family.

Lawyers advise on a full range of estate planning methods

Our firm guides a diverse group of individual and family clients in choosing the estate planning instruments that best suit their goals. Those instruments may include:

  • Wills — Our attorneys draft authoritative wills so that your property is distributed in the manner that you wish. No matter how small or large your estate is, we can prepare a document that preserves its value and sets clear instructions for its dispersal.
  • Alternatives — Transfer on Death Deeds and Payable on Death beneficiary designations can be effective tools in estate planning for distributing all or parts of your estate at your death while avoiding probate.
  • Trusts — Creating a trust can simplify the process of transferring your assets. We can show you how to maintain control over your property during your lifetime while sparing your family the hassles associated with probate.
  • Asset transfers — Rules on asset transfers during one’s life are complex. An incorrect transaction could lead to substantial tax liability. Our lawyers can advise you on the potential consequences of any asset transfer.

Even if you have already made estate plans, changing circumstances might make those intentions obsolete. Whether you haven’t started planning or just require a review of your existing estate plan, we can give you the information you need in a free initial consultation.

Counselors advocate for clients in will contests and probate disputes

Determining the intent of a decedent can trigger serious legal, financial and emotional issues. Whether you are acting as the executor of a will or believe that you are not receiving the property you are entitled to, our firm can help. We will make a detailed examination of the relevant documents and advise you on your rights under their terms. If legal action is necessary to enforce your rights, we will provide strong representation.

Attorneys prepare advance directives and powers of attorney

If you are unable to communicate your wishes because of an incapacitating injury or illness, your loved ones face the prospect of having to make tough decisions. To relieve their burden and ensure that you get the treatment you want, an advance directive, sometimes known as a living will, sets forth the types of medical care that you want to have in extreme circumstances. We can also advise you regarding a power of attorney document, which appoints a trusted agent to handle medical and/or financial affairs if you are unable to.

Skilled counselors conduct diligent estate administration

Handling vital estate tasks can be a burden on people who are not familiar with the process and have their own daily responsibilities. Our lawyers can make sure that all necessary communications and payments are made throughout the probate process.

Contact a dedicated Kansas wills and trusts lawyer for a free initial consultation

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