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Wichita Civil Litigation Lawyers Provide Skilled Representation

Comprehensive counsel in all types of civil disputes

In civil litigation matters, Peggs Wheeler, LC delivers dedicated advocacy to individuals and businesses in the Wichita area. Each client benefits from our individualized approach to their problem and a willingness to customize our strategy to fit their legal needs. Drawing upon extensive courtroom experience, we focus on obtaining the best possible results for you, whether your rights have been violated and you feel litigation is the best recourse or you have been sued by someone else.

Working with Kansas businesses in litigation matters

For business litigation concerns, Peggs Wheeler seeks not just the best result in the matter at hand but also the resolution that allows your business to thrive so that we remain your trusted advisers for many years to come. We represent companies in various types of cases, including:

  • Business torts — We represent plaintiffs and defendants in actions arising from allegations of fraudulent misrepresentation, contract interference, and unfair competition.
  • Consumer complaints — We defend companies against consumer actions for breach of warranty, deceptive advertising, privacy violations, and unlawful collection actions.
  • Contract disputes — As business attorneys, we attempt to cure contract problems before a breach occurs. However, when a breach is already alleged, we seek the most appropriate remedy to protect our client’s rights and bottom line.
  • Employment matters — We defend companies from various allegations from workers, including discrimination, wage and hour violations, breach of employment contract, wrongful termination, and retaliation.
  • Trademark infringement — If another business is using a mark that can cause confusion with your company, we seek cease-and-desist orders to protect your place in the market.
  • Trade secret theft — When a former employee absconds with company secrets, we take decisive steps to protect your rights and your competitive advantage.

If your company is engaged in a dispute, we can discuss the complete array of options available to you. These might include traditional litigation but may also include alternatives such as mediation and arbitration.

Diligent advocacy in construction litigation cases

The nature of modern construction law demands expertise in contract interpretation, dispute resolution, and other facets of the law, not just to present a strong legal case but also to bring the case to an acceptable resolution. Disputes we commonly manage include:

  • Change orders
  • Construction defects
  • Insurance coverage
  • Liens
  • Liquidated damages
  • Scope of work
  • Site conditions
  • Specifications of plans and materials
  • Subcontractor substitution
  • Termination of contract

When a construction event, dispute, or code violation occurs, there could be dozens of potential parties, such as architects, designers, builders, contractors and inspectors, to interview or to assess as parties with responsibility. The attorneys at Peggs Wheeler have the legal knowledge and the resourcefulness to develop a case plan to meet the circumstances.

Capable representation when legal issues impact your personal life

You can also trust Peggs Wheeler for skilled, aggressive litigation in cases that affect you personally, including divorce, trust and probate disputes, and personal injury cases.

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